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Reprogramming of financial liabilities and acquisition of the entire business unit of PlacacentroMasisa and Prodemac

Financial Advisor
Masisa Abril 2011

Fastpack y SpoolTech

Economic valuation of both companies for the merger process.

Financial Advisor


Consulting in the Analysis and Valuation of Subsidiaries in Colombia

Masisa Placacentro
Colombia S.A.S.

Masisa Colombia S.A

Operation carried out by Banmerchant
Masisa Febrero 2014


Assessment and Strategic Evaluation

Exclusive Financial Advisor of the Seller

Transmarko S.A.

Restructuring of short and long-term liabilities by an amount of

$3.309 millions
Exclusive Advisor to the Debtor

Inversiones y Rentas Universitarias S.A

Private Equity operation through placement of Structured Note for Laureate Education INC. by the amount of

UF 250.000
Exclusive structuring of the transaction
Inversiones y Rentas Universitarias S.A

Inmobiliaria El Tineo Ltda.

Obtaining Short-Term and Long-Term Financing for an amount of

UF 90.000
Negotiation and implementation of the operation
Inmobiliaria El Tineo

Ibero Americana Radio Chile

Sale of 16 Concessions of Broadcasting in Modulated Frequency through Public Bidding and Direct Negotiation

Exclusive Financial Advisor
Ibero Americana Radio Chile